The Founder

Born and raised in the great city of Philadelphia - The City of Brotherly Love – Paul Boudwin understood what true freedom was from a very early age and it was that understanding, that desire for freedom of expression, that led him directly to where he is today.

Paul has spent years becoming an expert in the intricacies of the financial industry. But Unlike Regular People, Paul’s path to money management didn’t take the normal route. It’s safe to say that few executives in finance achieve their positions by first becoming dancers for an NBA franchise - fewer still climb their way up the corporate ladder via professional poker. But that’s Paul Boudwin – that’s who he is. He sees multimillion dollar brands as startup companies with really good portfolios. He knows success stories are rooted in various walks of life – whether it be straight talk from the streets of Philly or the gossip and dreams of professional dancers to the deadpan eyes of a man playing a million dollar bluff, Paul Boudwin knows it because he’s lived it.

URP exists because he wants you to live it.

Paul Boudwin, Founder

When a high school student once asked Paul for advice on how to become successful in life, Paul delivered, for the first time, his now famous response, “It’s never about talking, it’s always about action. It’s never about formula, it’s always about attitude!”

Growing up, Paul’s biggest fear was public speaking. But Unlike Regular People, Paul embraced it and overcame it and years later that fear would be the single inspiration behind his best-selling Reversible Jacket! Two identities - Two different versions of ourselves. From there, the transition began: Sports meets Fashion.

Unlike Regular People is about connecting the regular-self to the irregular-self. It’s about allowing each of us to not only find ourselves but to find our ‘other-selves’.

Paul Boudwin created URP to help people live comfortably - in their own skin and in their own clothes.

URP is what you wear when you decide NOT to be... ...‘like regular people’.

Paul Boudwin, The Streetwear Strategist’, obtained his Degree in Communication from Arizona State University. Paul represents the next generation of entrepreneur in the Houston area who is using every bit of his knowledge and experience to bring every single one of his ideas of comfort and practicality into existence for everyone.

The Brand

Unlike Regular People are individuals who have a mind of their own. Beyond dreams and fantasies, while manifesting a change in culture for what should be a conscious era. You must acknowledge both sides of everything, starting you’re your own self. A look into the bigger picture where iron sharpens iron and humility exists.